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Dissolved Air Flotation Systems

We figured it out so you don't have to.

Dissolved air flotation treatment is considered one of the most cost-effective methods for removing a wide variety of contaminants such as FOG, O&G, BOD, fuels, oils, solids, bakery waste, animal by-products. Whether referred to as induced air flotation, cavitation air flotation or DAF clarifier the concept is the same.

Dinky DAF

It's small with a big attitude


Sometimes bigger IS better

"Dang, I could've had a Dinky"

Customer laments a prior purchase and wishes he'd found us sooner

A bakery customer got quotes from various vendors and chose one that cost more and tookup more space.

Pretreatment linked to better performance

"Wow, chemical treatment really works!"

A new customer was made a believer when their problem was solved by coagulation, flocculation and our DAF-60.

Features help owner save money

It's a fact

"My wife noticed the difference too! She stopped buying shoes & purses. The dissolved air flotation system improved my life. Thank you
Pan America you're a life saver!"

DAF "1"
Rat "0"

"Ricky Rat didn't stand a chance"

Wastewater operator using our DAF-150 found that rats can float too!

Apartment sized system

Operator intern envious of available square feet

"This thing's bigger than my apartment and all the floating stuff looks like it too"

God would prefer a Dinky

Washing away sin not that easy

Inventor, Father Malachi thinks God would want the Dinky because of performance, cost and space savings.