About Us

Pan America Environmental, Inc. is an Illinois corporation established in 1991 for the design and manufacturing of Industrial Wastewater Treatment Systems. By marshalling technology and experience we strive to provide proven, reliable products the world needs and can use for decades to come through our use of quality practices, high performance designs and application assistance to tailor a system to the customers requirements.

In the Beginning:

We started in business by designing and providing oil water separators. Our designs were readily accepted in many markets such as groundwater remediation, machine shops, wash racks, fueling depots, fuel/oil tank farms and stormwater treatment. Over the years we've applied our technologies in many other industries around the world as our national and international clientele grew. Since the introduction of our early oil/water separator systems we have added 7 different types of oil water separators, Dissolved Air Flotation, Inclined Plate Clarifiers, Slant Plate Clarifiers, Chemical pretreatment systems, emulsion breaking systems, Filtration systems, Batch treatment systems, Groundwater Remediation Systems, Vehicle Wash treatment, pH neutralization systems and API separators.

Our products are used in the following places:

Carribbean:         Grand Bahama, St Croix, St. Thomas, Nassau, Puerto Rico, Aruba
The Antarctic:     South Pole
Asia:                   Japan, Vietnam, China, Malaysia, Indonesia
Pacific Islands:   Guam, Hawaii, Phillipines
Mid-East:            UAE, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Kuwait
Africa:                 Egypt, Tunisia, Gabon
South America:   Peru, Venezuela, Brazil
Central America: Panama
Eastern Europe

Who Uses Our Products?

(partial list)
3M, Alcoa, American Tank Cleaning, ARAMCO, Arco Permian, Army, Airforce, Marines, USNavy, (even Area51), Atofina, Boeing, Boise Cascade Borden Foods, Calgon, Citgo, Coca-Cola, Daimler-Chrysler, Delphi Energy & Engine, Domino's Pizza, Dow Chemical, Esso, Exxon Mobil, Explore Pipeline, FMC Energy Systems, Firestone, Florida Power, GAF Building Materials, Garrett Aviation, GE, General Motors, Hertz, Honeywell, Hostess/Fritolay, Howmet, Idaho Power, JLM Chemicals, Kawasaki Motors, Kentucky Utilities, LTV Steel, Louisiana Pacific Corp.

Lunday Thagard, Martin Marietta, MI-Swaco, Michelin Tire, Olin, Pearl Harbor Shipyard, Petroperu, Phelps Dodge, Pratt & Whitney, Praxair Santa Fe Railroad, Shell Oil, Six Flags Magic Mountain, South Texas Electric, State Farm Insurance, Tecumseh, Tenneco Automotive, Texaco, Trane, Union Carbide, Weber Grill, Waste Management, Williams Energy.

Our manufacturing points are in the Chicago, IL and the Phoenix, AZ areas with distribution being worldwide. All sales & engineering functions are performed from the Wauconda, IL offices.

So, That's Where We've Been… Where Are We Going?

Pan America Environmental (PAE) is continually striving to improve its products and develop more products that have relevance and need in the world. As growth continues and markets flourish we will improve and build the company foundations to allow us to create new and better capabilities. Providing larger, more efficient treatment systems and newer, cutting edge oil water separator, dissolved air flotation, inclined plate clarifier, vehicle wash treatment and groundwater treatment technologies, will give us more capability to serve the worlds current and future water needs as the planet puts greater and greater pressures on this priceless, finite resource.

Our tag line says it all: "Treatment Through Technology"