Dinky DAF

Basic overview

Experience Simplicity


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Dinky DAF

Performance in a small package

The Dissolved Air Flotation-DAF Series systems are designed for removal of many types of contaminants via flotation. The DAF systems are designed with many features and options to provide engineers, system integrators and end users with convenience and flexibility in system integration choices. Customization & modifications are available.

Products removed:   solids, oils, fuels (vehicle/jet), fuel oils, hydraulic fluids, BOD, COD, TSS, FOG, immiscible machining oils, lube oil, transmission fluid, vegetable based oils, animal/vegetable by-products & many other products.

We offer many sizes up to 600 square feet and many types of chemical pretreatment systems to float many types of solids.  Concrete tank designs can be provided where required.

Dinky Sizes

5 sizes to choose from

We offer 7 Dinky sizes, DAF-5, 10, 15, 25, 35, 45 & 50 to fit many lower flow applications. These small dissolved air flotation systems utilize our cutting-edge RSS & RSP recycle-

saturation technology which gives you greater performance, lower price and simpler operation in a compact, reduced footprint.

Heavy Duty Design

It begins with quality components

Our DAF designs use industrial components, controls and design to give your dissolved air flotation system a long, hardy service life.